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박종욱 교수(학과장)
  • 최종학위
  • KAIST, 이학박사
  • 연구분야
  • 유기전자재료
  • 연구실위치
  • 애지원 113호
  • 연구실전화
  • 031)201-3675
  • 이메일
  • jongpark@khu.ac.kr
 Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Department of Chemistry, Korea, 1994.2  B.S., Inha University, Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, Korea, 1985.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2016 - present  Team Leader, Samsung SDI, Korea, 1995 - 1998  Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A, 1994 - 1995 Development of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials with Charge Transporting Properties Using Solution Process, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2009.06-2013.05  Novel π-Conjugated Material System Using Fused-Molecular Fine Control Technology, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2012.05-2015.04
 S. H. Kim, B. J. Kim, J. H. Lee, H. G. Shin, Y. I. Park and J. W. Park, 2016, “Design of Fluorescent Blue Light-Emitting Materials Based on Analyses of Chemical Structures and Their Effects”, Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports, 99, 1-22.  J. H. Lee and J. W. Park, 2015, “Synthesis and Electroluminescence of Novel Pyrene-Fused Chromophores”, Organic Letters, 17, 3960-3963
 Prime Minister Award, Korea Government, 2012  Ph.D. Project Award, Samsung SDI, 1996  General Affairs Director, Executive Director, The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2016, 2017  CK-Ⅱ Group Director, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2014-2016
Electroluminescence organic materials (OLED), photoconductive and photovoltaic materials, dye and pigments for opto-electronics, electrochromic and liquid crystalline materials, solid polymer electrolyte, polymer electrode, non-linear optical materials.