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  • Stutgart University 공학박사
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  • 섬유기계/자동제어
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  • 지능공정제어, 섬유기계
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  • 공학관 530
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  • huhyou@khu.ac.kr
 Ph.D., Universitaet Stuttgart, Fakultaet Verfahrenstechnik, Germany, 1988.7  M.S., Seoul National University, Department of Textile Engineering, Korea, 1977.2  B.S., Seoul National University, Department of Textile Engineering, Korea, 1974.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Assistant, Associate and Ordinary Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 1988 - present  Researcher, Institut fuer Textiltechnik, Denkendorf, Germany, 1981 – 1988  Instructor, Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 1978 - 1981  A novel process for nano-fibers and the mechanical properties of the process product, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2010.09-2015.08  Developing Multilayer-Structured Flexible Battery by Nano-fiber Bundling and its Performance Characteristics) , National Research Foundation of Korea, 2015.11-2018.10
 Jung H. Lim, G. Tumenulzii, You Huh, (2015), “Transform of Nano-fibers to Bundle by Surface Friction and Features of the Nano-fibrous Bundle”, Fibers and Polymers, 16, 1378-1383.  Hyung Bun Kim, Jung Ho Lim, You Huh, (2014), “A concept to Define a Quantitative Measure of Mixed State”, Fibers and Polymers, 15, 2001-2012  Jong S. Kim, Jung H. Lim, You Huh, (2013), “Melt-spinning Basalt Fibers Based on Dielectric Heating and Steady State Process Characteristics”, Fibers and Polymers, 14, 1148-1156  Jong S. Kim, Jung H. Lim, You Huh, (2012), “Analyzing roller drafting dynamics with stochastic perturbations: simulation approach”, Textile Research Journal, 82, 1806-1818  Jong Sung Kim, Chokri Cherif, You Huh, (2011), “Dynamic Stability and Bifurcation in a Bundle Flow”, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 12, 343-352  You Huh, Bo Keun Ha, Jong S. Kim, (2010), “Dieless Drawing Steel Wires Using a Dielectric Heating Method and Modeling the Process Dynamics”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 210, 1702-1708  Jong S. Kim, You Huh, Moon W. Suh, (2010), “A method to generate autocorrelated stochastic signals based on the random phase spectrum”, Journal of the Textile Institute, 101, 471-479
 Excellent Research Awards in Science and Technology of Korea, The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, 2010  Academic Awards of Korea Fiber Society, Korea Fiber Society, 2006  Excellent Research Award, Korea Fiber Society, 2005  Best Paper Awards of Young Researcher, Korea Fiber Society, 1991  Chair of the technical committee of textile processes, Korea Fiber Society, 2003 - present
Textile Machines and Automation, Modeling, Simulation, and Automatic Control of Mechanical Systems, Nanofiber Manufacturing and Bundling, Fiber Flow Dynamics, Flexible Battery Yarns.