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 Ph.D., North Carolina Stata University, Department of Civil Engineering, USA, 1999.12  M.S., University of Maryland, college park, Department of Civil Engineering, USA, 1990.5  B.S, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Department of Architectural Engineering, Korea, 1986.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2005 – present  Assistant Professor, Hong Ik University, Korea, 2000 - 2005  Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Construction Technology(KICT), Korea, 1991 – 2000  Field Engineer, SK Engineering and Construction, Korea, 1990 - 1991  Development of Maintenance and Evaluation Technology of Pipeline in Permafrost Area, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, 2013.10-2018.10  Development of BIM library-based Design and Construction Evaluation System for Temporary Works of High-rise Apartment Projects, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2016.06-2019.06
 D. Y. Lee, C. H. Choi, S. K. Won, M. Y. Cho, C. H. Han, and J. B. Lee, 2016, " The development of a Standardized Work Process for Planning of Plant Project - Focus on Excavating and Investing Participation Plan -" Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 17(4), pp.3-11.  J. H. Park, S. K. Won, M. Y. Cho, C. H. Han, and J. B. Lee, 2016, "A Study on SCM-based Procurement Process for Plant Projects" Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea-Planning & Design, 32(5), pp.19-27.  J. Y. Soh, J. H. Bae, C. H. Han, and J. B. Lee, 2015, "A Study on Optimal Inspection Interval for the Major Components of Construction Lift" Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 16(3), pp.68-77.
 Best Poster Awards, The 6th International Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management, 2015  Best Paper Awards, Proceedings of KICEM(Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management) Annual Conference, 2016  Director, IAARC(International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction) - present
Advanced Construction Technologies, Construction Productivity and Performance Assessment, Construction Safety Management, Construction Automation, Construction Information Management, ICT/IoT Applications to Construction Management, Extreme Construction Projects Management