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  • 디지털건축 및 BIM
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Ph.D. in Architecture, Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K, 1994.11 M.S. in Architecture(Computational Design Major), Department of Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 1991.5 B.S. in Architecture, Department of Architecture, Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA, 1988.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Professor, Kyung Hee University, Department of Architecture, Korea, 1996-continues. (1996-2000 Assi. Professor, 2000-2005 Assoc. Professor since 2005 Full Professor)  Chairman, Korea CDE Society (Architecture/Construction), since 2011  Vice President, Korea Construction IT Convergence Institute, since 2010  Board of Directors Member, Korea Institute of Architecture, since 2010  Chairman, Industry and Academic Collaboration Committee, since 2010  Organization of information about construction works, International Committee Member, Korea Committee Chair, ISO TC59/SC13/ Building Construction, since 2008  Deputy Chair, ISO TC184/SC4/T22(Building & Construction, since 2003  Board of Director/Council Member, buildingSMART International, since 1998  Korea Founder, 1998, buildingSMART(formerly IAI), 1998  Chief Vice-President, buildingSMART Korea, Editor-In-Chief, “The BIM” Journal, since 2008
 Jungsik Choi, Jihye Shin, Minchan Kim, Inhan Kim, “Development of openBIM-based energy analysis software to improve the interoperability of energy performance assessment”, Automation in Construction, ELSEVIER, 72(2016) 52-64. ISSN: 0926-5805 IF: 2.442 (JCR 2015) (in press)  Hyunsoo Lee, Jinkook Lee, Seokyung Park, Inhan Kim, Translating building legislation into a computer-executable format for evaluating building permit requirments, ,AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION, ISSN 0926-5805, pp. 49-61, 2016.11.01  Hyunjoo Kim, Zhenhua Shen, Inhan Kim, Karam Kim, Annette Stumpf and Jungho Yu, BIM IFC information mapping to building energy analysis (BEA) model with manially extended material information , AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION, ISSN 0926-5805, pp183-193, 2016.08.25  Jihye Shin, Jungsik Choi, Inhan Kim, and Dooyoung Yoon, A Study on Development of Integrated Management System for BIM Property Information, Transactions of the Society of CAD/CAM Engineers, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 130-142, 2016.06  Park, In-Woo Kim, In-Han Choi, Jung-Sik, Suggestion for Integrated Process Quality Control for Facility Management of Smart City at Construction Stage, J. Korea Inst. Build. Constr. Vol. 16, No. 6, 2016.12  Seokyung Park, Jin-Kook Lee, and Inhan Kim, Development of High-level Method for Representing Explicit Verb Phrases of Building Code Sentences for the Automated Building Permit System of Korea, Korean Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, Vol. 21, No. 3, pp. 313-324., 2016.09  Jungsik Choi, Inhan Kim, Development of openBIM-based Interoperability System for Code Checking System, Advanced Science and Technology Letters, Vol.141 (GST 2016), pp.232-235,(2016.12.22)  JIHYE SHIN, INHAN KIM, and JUNGSIK CHOI,“BIM-based Work Environment of Value Engineering In Sustainable Construction”, Advanced Science and Technology Letters, Vol.141 (GST 2016), pp.79-83, (2016.12.22)
1.International ▪ Inhan Kim, Potential and Future Direction of BIM for QS, BIM QS Conference 2014, Singapore, 2014.07.10 ▪ Inhan Kim, Jungsik Choi, Junho Choi, Development of Architectural Design Quality Control Requirements Based on open BIM, Journal of ICCEPM 2013, california, 2013.01.12., (Best Paper Award) ▪ Inhan Kim, New way of improving Safety by adopting BIM based Quality Checking Process in the AEC I ndustry, CIB W099 International Conference ,2012.09.11. (Best Paper Award) ▪ Invitational for BIM Application and Theory, Tongji University School of Economics & Management, Shanghai China, 2012.04.26 ▪ Energy BIM Seminar, Design computing Lab. / Building Technology Lab., School of Architecture, Georgia Technology, Georgia, USA, 2011.10.19~10.20 ▪ “BIM in Korea”, buildingSMART BIM International Conference 2011, BCA, Singapore, 2011.09.21 ▪ “BIM Activities in Korea”, Gloden Technology Workshop, Gloden, China, 2011.07.08 ▪ “The Strategic Guide to Implement BIM in Construction Industry”, BUILD SMART Conference 2011, Singapore, 2011.04.27 ▪ “BIM in Korea”, User group Meeting”, buildingSMART IUG meeting 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2011.03.30 ▪ “Open BIM based design guidelines & Design Quality Evaluation in Korea”, BIPS Conference, Denmark, 2010.09.06 ▪ “Public Owners Activities in Korea”, Global Summit on Sustainable Built, Better Building Better World, Shanghai, China, 2010.08.20 2.Domestic ▪ Inhan Kim, Future Direction of Building Design & Construction For Green City using BIM, 10 th Anniversary International Symposium, 2014.12 ▪ Inhan Kim, The latest International Cases about BIM-based Construction Delivery, Construction & BIM Conference2011, buildingSMART Korea, 2011.11 ▪ Inhan Kim, The Directions of BIM Application for Super Tall Building, buildingSMART Forum 2011, buildingSMART Korea, 2011.04 ▪ Inhan Kim and Jungsik Choi, Development of Legality System for Building Administration Permission Service Based on BIM, Jeju, Korea, ICCEM•ICCPM2009, S10-5, pp593~600, 2009.05 ▪ Inhan Kim, Long Time Roadmap for BIM, buildingSMART FORUM 2010, 2010.04 ▪ Inhan Kim, The BIM Application cases in Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park, buildingSMART FORUM 2009, buildingSMART Korea, 2009.04 ▪ Inhan Kim, The Current Status of Domestic BIM Delivery Guidelines, User Conference2008, buildingSMART Korea, 2008.12 ▪ Inhan Kim, The Current Status and Cases of BIM Application Delivery in GSA, buildingSMART FORUM 2008, buildingSMART Korea, 2008.04 ▪ Inhan Kim, The Preparation of Construction Company under the BIM-based Public Delivery System, Daelim Group breakfast special lecture, 2009.05.18
BIM and Data modeling Architecture Information Technology Architectural Design Process Theory and Design Methodology Virtual Design Studio/Digital Design Media