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Bachelor of Biology Education, Seoul National University 1990-1994 Master of Urban Planning, Seoul National University 1994-1996 Ph.D. in Urban Planning, Seoul National University 1996-1998 Doctor of Soil Ecology, University of Illinois 1999-2004
주요경력 및 활동
Korea Environment Institute, Senior Researcher 2006.1-2009.2
Selected publications-SCI(E) Yoo, G., T. M. Nissen, and M. M. Wander. 2006. Use of physical properties to predict the effects of tillage practices on organic matter dynamics in three Illinois soils. Journal of Environmental Quality 35:1576-1583. Yoo, G., L. A. Spomer, and M. M. Wander. 2006. Regulation of carbon mineralization rates by soil structure and moisture in an agricultural field and a prairie-like soil. Geoderma 135:16-25. Yoo, G., and M. M. Wander. 2006. Influence of conventional and no tillage practices on soil structural controls over C mineralization. Soil Science Society of America Journal 70:651-659. Yoo, G., and M. M. Wander. 2008. Tillage effects of aggregate turnover and sequestration of particulate and humified soil organic carbon. Soil Science Society of America Journal 72:670-676. Lee, M., T. Kim, G. Yoo, B. Min, and S. Hwang. 2010. Reduction of sewage sludge by ball mill pretreatment and Mn catalytic ozonation. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 14:693-697. Yoo, G., X. Yang, and M.M. Wander. 2011. Influence of soil aggregation on SOC sequestration: A preliminary model of SOC protection by aggregate dynamics. Ecological Engineering 37:487-495. Hwang, J.H., S.A. Lee, B.R. Kim, and G. Yoo. 2011. Assessment of the potential economic damage in Korea from future rise in seal level. Journal of Coastal Research 64:215-219. Kim, M.J., G. Yoo, and C.K. Yoo. 2011. Development of combined fouling model in a membrane bioreactor. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 6:423-432. Kim, T., M. Lee, H. Jang, B. Min, G. Yoo and S. Hwang. 2011. Characteristics of N2O release from fluodized media type BNR processes and identification of N2O sources. Desalination and Water Treatment 28:378-384. Yoo, G., J.H. Hwang, and C. Choi. 2011. Development and application of a methodology for vulnerability assessment of climate change in coastal cities. Ocean and Coastal Management 54:524-534. Yoo, G. and H. Kang. 2012. Effects of biochar addition on greenhouse gas emission and microbial responses in a short-term experiment. Journal of Environmental Quality 41:1193-1202. Kim, S., S.H. Hong, K. Cho, I. Lee, G. Yoo, and H. Kang. 2012. Effects of elevated CO2 and Pb on the microbial community in the Rhizosphere of Pinus densiflora. The journal of microbiology 50:895-901. Yoo, G., H. Kim, J. Chen, and Y. Kim. 2014. Effects of biochar addition on nitrogen leaching and soil structure following fertilizer application to rice paddy soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal. Selected publications-Korea's 1st class student registration Lee, D., H.-S.Koo, and G. Yoo. 1995. Effects of elevated CO2 on mineralization of organic C, N, and P in two forest soils, Mt. Jumbong, Korean Journal of Environmental Science 9:37-52. Oh, S., G. Yoo, J.H. Shim, S. Kang, D. Lee. 1999. Spatial heterogeneity of soil K, Ca, Mg, Fe, and Al generated by leaf litter redistribution in a temperate hardwood forest. Korean Journal of Ecology 22:205-210. Lee. D., G. Yoo, S. Oh, J. H. Shim, and S. Kang. 1999. Significance of aspect and understory type to leaf litter distribution in a temperate hardwood forest. Korean Journal of Biological Sciences 3:143-147. Yoo, G., E. J. Park, S. H. Kim, H. J. Lee, S. Kang, and D. Lee. 2001 Transport and decomposition of leaf litter as affected by aspect and understory in a temperate hardwood forest. Korean Journal of Biological Sciences 5:319-325. Yoo. G, J.T. Kim, E.J. Kim, 2008. Development of Indicators for Climate Change Adaptation Capacity of Agricultural Water - Mainly on adaptation to drought. Environmental Policy Research 7:35-55. Yoo.G, S.H. Han, S.D. Kim, 2009. Stochastic Behavior and Climate Change of Vegetation Deficiency Index. Korean Journal of Water Quality and Environment 25:507-514 Yoo.G, S.W. Park, D.K. Jeong, H.J. Kang, J.H. Hwang, 2010. Development and application of a methodology for climate change vulnerability assessment – sea level rise impact on a coastal city. Environmental Policy Research 9:185-205 Yoo, G., H. Kim, Y. Kim, and M. Jung. 2012. Soil carbon and microbial activity influenced by pasture and rice paddy management. Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer 45:435-443. Yoo, G., Y. Son, S.H. Lee, Y. Yoo, and S.H. Lee. 2013. Greenhouse gas emissions from soils amended with biochar. Korean Journal of Environmental Biology 31:471-477.
Soil Science Society of america member 1999.1~ Executive Director, Korean Society of Ecology 2009.3~ Editorial Director, Korean Society for Climate Change 2013.3~
- Soil ecology - Biochar - Carbon Capture and Storage - Climate change adaptation and vulnerability Current researches - Development of technology to evaluate soil methane balance and increase methane digestibility - A study on the change of methane-related microbial community by paddy soil biochar - Life Cycle Assessment of Domestic Biochar Farming System - Analysis of Soil Structure and Carbon Storage by Biochar Soil Input - CO2 Underground Storage Environmental Management Research Group: Prediction and Monitoring of Soil and Ecological Risk Assessment