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이민호 교수(산학협력중점)
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  • lowcarbon@khu.ac.kr
∎ Ph.D., University of Delaware, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, USA, 2002 ∎ Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), USA, 1997~1998 ∎ Master of Urban Planning, Seoul National University, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Korea, 1991 ∎ B.S., Seoul National University, Department of Geological Science, Korea, 1987
주요경력 및 활동
Environmental Policy-Making in the Ministry of Environment ∎ Deputy Minister on Environmental Policy, 2016~2017 ∎ Director General of the Nature Conservation Bureau ∎ Spokesman of the Ministry of Environment ∎ Director General of the Water Environment Policy Bureau ∎ Directors in Various Divisions : Planning and Budget Office / Climate and Atmospheric Policy Division / Climate Change Cooperation Division / Chemicals Safety Division / International Affairs Office / MCED 2005 Preparation TF ∎ Deputy Directors : Water Supply and Sewerage Policy Division / Nature Policy Division / Global Environment Division / Environmental Impact Assessment Division / Air Quality Management Division, etc. Environment and Climate Change Policy Advice in the Presidential Office ∎ Deputy Secretary to President on Green Growth Planning and Environment, Presidential Office (Blue House), 2011~2013 ∎ Assistant Secretary to President on Social Policy, Presidential Office (Blue House), 2007~2008 ∎ Passed the 27th Senior Government Official Examination for Technical Service, 1991
∎ Vice President, Korean Society for Environmental Impact Assessment (2018~) ∎ Vice President, Korean Society of Environmental Engineering (2016~2017)
∎ Environmental policy in general - Environmental Impact Assessment - Air pollution (e.g. fine dust issue) reduction policies, etc. ∎ Climate change policy - Adaptation, GHG reduction, UNFCCC and Paris Agreement, etc. ∎ Sustainable Development issue ∎ Inter-Korean / Overseas environmental cooperation