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Welcome to the College of Engineering.

The College of Engineering aims to contribute to the national industry by fostering global leaders in the field of science and technology, which combines creativity, professionalism and humanity, and creates the best research results in Korea. In order to achieve these goals, the College of Engineering provides the best educational and research environment, and is constantly striving to improve the hardware and software foundation for teaching and research. Kyung Hee University College of Engineering has more than 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students working hard to fulfill their young dreams. More than 110 full-time professors with world-class academic backgrounds are passionate about day and night education and research. In particular, the College of Engineering is a non-formal curriculum such as support for various club activities, exchange student support, overseas exploration centers, language training, etc. We spare no support for enlightenment. We ask for your continued interest in Kyung Hee University, College of Engineering, which nurtures creative and progressive young talent.