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Hi-Ki Hong Professor
  • Degree
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1993
  • Major
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Interest
  • Heat transfer
  • Tel
  • +82 31 201 2925
  • Email
  • hhong@khu.ac.kr
 Dr. Eng., in Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 1993  M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 1986  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 1983
1983-1984 Researcher, Daewoo Heavy Industry 1986-1989 Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology 1993-1994 Associate Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 1994-1996 Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology 1996-2000 Assistant Professor, KyungHee University 2000-2004 Associate Professor 2005- Professor  Development of integrated management system for feedback/feedforward of the solar thermal system applying the IoT technologies, MOTIE, 2016.5-2019.4  Development of thermal energy supply system form realizing zero-energy town by renewable energy convergence with PVT panel, geothermal heat pump and thermal storage, MOTIE, 2016. 12-1019.11
 T. Morimoto, K. Togashi, H. Kumano, H. Hong, Thermophysical properties of phase change emulsions prepared by D-phase emulsification, Energy Conversion and Management, 122, 215–222, 2016.  J. H. Kim, U. J. Lee, LongJie Li, C. Kim, H. Hong, Improvement of collection efficiency and solar fraction in solar thermal storage system using a 3-way valve and a 2-stage flowrate control, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 30(7), 3347~3356, 2016.
President elect, The Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea, 2015
Energy simulation for HVAC and building system Solar thermal energy system Thermal storage Measurement of thermal properties