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Seong Jun Kang Professor
  • Degree
  • Yonsei University Doctor of Science
  • Interest
  • Nanotechnology
  • Tel
  • +82 31 201 3324
  • Email
  • junkang@khu.ac.kr
 Ph.D., Yonsei University, Department of Physics, Korea, 2005  M.S., Yonsei University, Department of Physics, Korea, 2001  B.S, Yonsei University, Department of Physics, Korea, 1999
 Associated Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2014 - present  Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2010 - 2014  Senior Research Scientist, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea, 2007 - 2010
 Highly transparent, visible-light photodetector based on oxide semiconductors and quantum dots, Seung Won Shin, Kwang-Ho Lee, Jin-Seong Park, Seong Jun Kang, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7, 19666 (2015).  Multilayer graphene films as transparent electrodes for organic photovoltaic devices, Yoon-Young Choi, Seong Jun Kang, Han-Ki Kim, Won Mook Choi, Seok-In Na, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 96, 281 (2012).  Interfacial electronic structures between fullerene and multilayer graphene for n-type organic semiconducting devices, Yeonjin Yi, Won Mook Choi, Byoungchul Son, Jeong Won Kim and Seong Jun Kang, Carbon, 49, 4936 (2011).  Printed Multilayer Superstructures of Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Applications, Seong Jun Kang, Coskun Kocabas, Hoon-Sik Kim, Qing Cao, Matthew A. Meitl, Dahl-Young Khang, and John A. Rogers, Nano Letters 7, 3343 (2007).  High Performance Electronics Using Dense, Perfectly Aligned Arrays of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes, S. J. Kang, C. Kocabas, T. Ozel, M. Shim, N. Pimparkar, M. A. Alam, S. V. Rotkin, and J. A. Rogers, Nature Nanotechnology 2, 230 (2007).  Heterogeneously Integrated, Three Dimensional Electronics by Using of Printed Semiconductor Nanomaterials, J. –H. Ahn, H. –S. Kim, K. J. Lee, S. Jeon, S. J. Kang, Y. Sun, R. G. Nuzzo, and J. A. Rogers, Science 314, 1754 (2006).
 Member of Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology, 2017  12th Young Scientist Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2009  KRISS Award of the month, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, 2009
Quantum-dots Light Emitting Diodes, Photosensors, Flexible display, Nano electronics, Graphene, Carbon nanotube, Optoelectronics based on Nano materials