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Chang-Kyoo Yoo Professor
  • Dgree
  • Ph. D.
  • Major
  • Environmental Management & Systems Lab. (EMSEL)
  • Interest
  • Environmental Systems Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Environment Informatics, Artificial Intelligence for Environment, Health/Environment/Safety(HSE), Smart O&M, Computational Toxicology, Bigdata/AI
  • Tel
  • +82 31 201 3824
  • Email
  • ckyoo@khu.ac.kr
Ph. D, Chemical Engineering (Environmental Eng.), POSTECH, 2002 ME, Chemical Engineering, POSTECH, 1995 BE, Chemical Engineering, Yonsei Univ. 1993
Industry and Research Experience -Doosan R&D center, researcher, 1995-1998 -Ghent University(Belgium), BIOMATH, Department (post-doc), 2002-2004 -POSTECH, School of Environmental Science and Engineering(research professor), 2005-2006 Award achievement - Simultaneous registration of three world people's dictionaries (Marquis Who’s Who, Cambridge Univ., American biographical Institute, Inc(ABI)) · Outstanding Paper Award (JCEJ Paper Award of 2005), Japan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2006.9.31 · Young Scientist Award, Young Researchers (Marie Curie Programme), ESCAPE14, Lisbon, Portugal· Spotlight paper award, B&B, 2006. 12.31 · Bumseok Paper Award, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2007. 10.26 · 19th Best Paper Award, Federation of Science and Technology Societies, 2009.07.07 · Outstanding Paper Award (JCEJ Paper Award of 2008), Japan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2009.9.16 · Selected as one of the 100 Best R & D Achievements, 2015 Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and KISTEP, 2015. 10. · An academic award, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2017. 10. · Kyung Hee Fellow, Outstanding Professor, Kyunghee University
SCI-level journal papers: 245 Lab. students: 14 Postdoc : 2 [2020 papers] 232. Jorge Loy-Benitez, Qian Li, KiJeon Nam, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Sustainable subway indoor air quality monitoring and fault-tolerant ventilation control using a sparse autoencoder-driven sensor self-validation, Sustainable Cities and Society (ISSN: 2210-6707, SCIE, Top 10% journal –Construction & Building), Elsevier, 52(1), pp. 101847– (2020.01) (Ack (2개): NRF:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Subway Fine Dust: 19QPPW-B152306-01) 233. Abdulrahman H. Ba-Alawi, Pouya Ifaei, Qian Li a, KiJeon Nam, Messaoud Djeddou, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Process Assessment of a Full-scale Wastewater Treatment Plant Using Reliability, Resilience, and Econo-Socio-Environmental Analyses (R2ESE), Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (ISSN: 0147-6513, SCI, Top20%:TOP20% TOXICOLOGY), Elsevier, 133(1), pp. 259–274; DOI (2020.01) (Ack(3개):Korea Research Fellowship Program:2019H1D3A1A02071051, NRF:2017R1E1A1A03070713& Climate Change Graduate School)\ 234. Pouya Ifaei, Hasti Khiabani, Md. Jalil Piran ChangKyoo Yoo*, Techno-econo-environmental feasibility of retrofitting urban transportation system with optimal solar panels for climate change mitigation – A case study, Journal of Cleaner Production(ISSN:0959-6526, SCIE, Top 10% journal:Engineering Civil), Elsevier, 251(1), pp. 119639 (2020.1) (Ack: Korea Research Fellowship Program:2019H1D3A1A02071051&2017R1E1A1A03070713&Climate Change Graduate School) 235. Soonho Hwangbo, Gürkan Sin, Gahee Rhee, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Development of an integrated network for waste-to-energy and central utility systems considering air pollutant emissions pinch analysis, Journal of Cleaner Production(ISSN:0959-6526, SCIE, Top 10% journal:Engineering Civil), Elsevier, 252(4), pp.119746 (2020.04) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School & Danish Council project:DFF-6111600077B) 236. Paulina Vilela, Gabriel Jacome, Sang Youn Kim; KiJeon Nam, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Population response modeling and habitat suitability of Cobitis choii fish species in South Korea for climate change adaptation, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (ISSN: 0147-6513, SCI, Top20%:TOP20% TOXICOLOGY), Elsevier, 189(1), pp. 109949(1-10); DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoenv.2019.109949 (2020.1) 237. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, Chang Kyoo Yoo, Modeling and extensive analysis of the energy and economics of cooling, heat, and power trigeneration (CCHP) from textile wastewater for industrial low-grade heat recovery, Energy Conversion and Management (ISSN: 0196-8904, SCIE, IF=5.58, Top 3% journal – THERMODYNAMICS: Rank 2 journal, DOI:), 205, 112451(pp.1-19) (2020.02) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 238. Tra Nguyen Hai, Usman Safder, Nhu Nguyen XQ and ChangKyoo Yoo*, Multi-objective decision-making and optimal sizing of a hybrid renewable energy system to meet the dynamic energy demands of a wastewater treatment plant, Energy (ISSN: 0360-5442, SCI, IF=4.15, Top 5% journal – THERMODYNAMICS), Elsevier, 191(2), pp.116570(1-18) (2020.2) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 239. KiJeon Nam†, Soonho Hwanbo†, and ChangKyoo Yoo*, A deep learning-based forecasting model for renewable energy scenarios to guide sustainable energy policy: A case study of Korea, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (ISSN: 1364-0321, SCI, IF=10.5, Top 1 journal-green&sustainable science & technology), 122(4), 109725(pp.1-18), (2020.04) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) 243. Hongbin Liu, Chong Yang, Mingzhi Huang, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Multivariate Statistical Monitoring of Subway Indoor Air Quality Using Dynamic Concurrent Partial Least Squares, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ISSN: 0944-1344, SCI), Springer, (), pp. -; DOI (2019.11) (Ack 2 과제: Subway Fine Dust: 19QPPW-B152306-01 & 연구재단 학술진흥과제 융복합공동연구과제(NRF-2019H1D3A1A02071051) 244. Usman Safder, Muhammad Akmal Ran, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Feasibility study and performance assessment of a new tri-generation integrated system for power, cooling, and freshwater production, Desalination and Water Technology(DWT) (ISSN:1944-3994, SCIE), Taylor & Francis, (-), pp.- (2019.12) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School 245. KiJeon Nam†, SungKu Heo†, Jorge Loy-Benitez, Pouya Ifaei, SeungChul Lee, SunKi Kang, and ChangKyoo Yoo*, Water Science and Technology(ISSN:0273-1223, SCIE), -, International Water Association(IWA) (2020.01) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 246. Shahzeb Tariq†, Jorge Loy-Benitez†, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Energy-efficient time-delay compensated ventilation control system for sustainable subway air quality management under various outdoor conditions, Building and Environment (ISSN: 0360-1323, SCIE, Top 3% journal: Civil Eng.), Elsevier, , pp. , (2020.04) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 Fine Dust Reduction Technology(19QPPW-B152306-01) 240. Jorge Loy-Benitez, SungKu Heo, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Soft sensor validation for monitoring and resilient control of sequential subway indoor air quality through memory-gated recurrent neural networks-based autoencoders, Control Engineering Practice (ISSN:, SCI, JCR Top 20% journal-Chem. Eng.), 97(4), 104330(pp.1-17) (2020.04) (Ack: Subway Fine Dust: 19QPPW-B152306-01 & 2017R1E1A1A03070713) 241. Hongbin Liu, Chong Yang∗, Mingzhi Huang, ChangKyoo Yoo, Soft sensor modeling of industrial process data using kernel latent variables-based relevance vector machine, Applied Soft Computing Journal (SCI, ISSN: 1568-4946, JCR TOP 11%-Computer Science:Interdisciplinary Appl. AI) 90(2), 106149(1-) (2020.02) (Acknowl: Nanjing Forestry University(No. GXL029) & Fine Dust Reduction Technology(19QPPW-B152306-01) & 연구재단융합과제(NRF-2019H1D3A1A02071051) 242. Juin Yau Lim, Bing Shen How, Gahee Rhee, Soonho Hwangbo*, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Transitioning of Localized Renewable Energy System towards Sustainable Hydrogen Development Planning: P-graph Approach, Applied Energy (ISSN: 0306-2619, SCI, IF=8.5, Top 3% journal – Engineering, Chemical), Elsevier, 263(2), pp.114635(1-17) (2020.2) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Swinburne University of Technology) [2019 papers] 215. Pouya Ifaei, ChangKyoo Yoo*, The compatibility of controlled power plants with self-sustainable models using a hybrid input/output and water-energy-carbon nexus analysis for climate change adaptation, Journal of Cleaner Production(ISSN:0959-6526, SCIE, Top 10% journal:Engineering Civil), Elsevier, 208(1), pp. 753-777 (2019.01) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 216. Bawaanii Shanmugarajah, Irene MeiLeng Chew, Nabisab Mujawar Mubarak, Thomas SheanYaw Choong*, ChangKyoo Yoo*, KhangWei Tan*, Valorization of palm oil agro-waste into cellulose biosorbents for highly effective textile effluent remediation, Journal of Cleaner Production (ISSN:0959-6526, SCIE, Top 10% journal:Engineering Civil) Elsevier, 210(), pp. 697-709 (2019.2) (Ack 2개): MOHE(Malaysia) & 2017R1E1A1A03070713) 217. KhangWei Tan, SungKu Heo, MeiLing Foo, Irene MeiLeng Chew, ChangKyoo Yoo*, An Insight into Nanocellulose as Soft Condensed Matter: Challenge and Future Prospective Toward Environmental Sustainability, Science of the Total Environment (SCI, ISSN: 0048-9697, Top 11% journal:Engineering Civil)), Elsevier, 650(), pp. 1309-1326 (2019.02) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) 218. Gabriel Jácome, Paulina Vilela, ChangKyoo Yoo, Social-ecological modelling of the spatial distribution of dengue fever and its temporal dynamics in Guayaquil, Ecuador for climate change adaption, Ecological Informatics (SCIE, ISSN:1574-9541) Elsevier, 49(), pp. 11-12 (2019.1) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 219. Jorge Loy-Benitez, Paulina Vilela, Qian Li, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Sequential prediction of quantitative health risk assessment for fine particulate matter in an underground facility using deep recurrent neural networks, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (SCI, ISSN: 0147-6513, SCI, TOP20% TOXICOLOGY), Elsevier, 169(), pp. 316-324 (2019.3) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) 220. Usman Safder+, KiJeon Nam+, Dongwoo Kim, SungKu Heo, ChangKyoo Yoo*, A real time QSAR-driven toxicity evaluation and monitoring of iron containing fine particulate matters in indoor subway stations, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (SCI, ISSN: 0147-6513, SCI, Top20%:TOP20% TOXICOLOGY), Elsevier, 169(), pp. 361-369 (2019.3) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) 221. Viet Hoang Tuan+, Pouya Ifaei+, Kijeon Nam, Jouan Rashidi, Soonho Hwangbo*, Jong-Min Oh, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Optimal management of a hybrid renewable energy system coupled with a membrane bioreactor using enviro-economic and power pinch analyses for sustainable climate change adaption, Sustainability (SSCI/SCIE, ISSN: 2071-1050) MDPI, 11(1), 66, pp. 1-22 (2019.1) (Ack(3개): MOLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, 2017R1E1A1A03070713, Climate Change Graduate School) 222. Soonho Hwangbo, KiJeon Nam, SungKu Heo, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Hydrogen-based self-sustaining integrated renewable electricity network (HySIREN) using a supply-demand forecasting model and deep-learning algorithms, Energy Conversion and Management (ISSN: 0196-8904, SCIE, IF=5.58, Top 3% journal – THERMODYNAMICS: Rank 2 journal, DOI:), Elsevier, 185(4), pp. 353-367 (2019.4) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) 223. Qian Li, Jorge Loy-Benitez, SungKu Heo, Seungchul Lee, Hongbin Liu, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Flexible real-time ventilation design in a subway station accommodating the various outdoor PM10 air quality from climate change variation, Building and Environment (ISSN: 0360-1323, SCIE, Top 3% journal: Civil Eng.), Elsevier, 153, pp.77-90, (2019.4) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 224. Gabriel Jácome, Paulina Vilela, ChangKyoo Yoo*, Present and future incidence of dengue fever in Ecuador nationwide and coast region scale using species distribution modeling for climate variability’s effect, Ecological Modelling (ISSN: 0304-3800, SCI), Elsevier, 400, pp. 60–72(2019.04) (Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713 & Climate Change Graduate School) 225. 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Lee Ga-hee, Hwang Bo-sun, Yoo Chang-kyoo*, Fate Analysis and Impact Assessment fof Vehicle Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Emitted from Metropolitan City Using Multimedia Fugacity Model, Korean Chemical Engineering Research(HWAHAK KONGHAK) (ISSN: 0304-128X, School Registration/Scopus), (), - (Ack: Ack:2017R1E1A1A03070713) (2018.6)
[Patent registration] 1. Inventors: Yoo Chang-kyoo, Lim Jung-jin, Applicant / Registrant Name: Kyung Hee University, Gross error detection method and system using Lagrange multiplier and data correction method using gross error detection system(ChangKyoo Yoo, JungJin Lim, GROSS ERROR DETECTING METHOD AND SYSTEM USINGLAGRANGIAN MULTIPLIER, AND DATA RECONCILIATION METHOD USING GROSS ERROR DETECTING SYSTEM, Patent No. 10-1208595), Registration No. 10-1208595-0000, Registration date : 2012.11.29 2. Name of inventor: Yoo Chang-kyoo, Kim Yong-soo, Applicant / Registrant Name: Kyung Hee University, Indoor air quality monitoring method and underground indoor air quality control system(ChangKyoo Yoo, YongSu Kim, AIR QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM AND AIR QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM, Patent No. 10-1203500-0000), Registration No. 10-1203500, Registration date : 2012.11.15 3. 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Transfer of environmental management system design knowhow to free trade agreement (FTA)(Detailed technical name: Know-how on design of environmental service and new compound management system) 2012.08.15) 4. Technology transfer of vulnerability assessment and adaptation method based on environmental informatics for mitigation of climate change vulnerability of system (Patent right practice, Patent application number : 10-2012-0098462) (2012.11.28) 5. Big data analysis and data mining know-how transfer of ecological environment information ① Ecological Database (DB) Design Technology Using Data Mining ② Ecological Environment Information Interpretation Technology Using Multivariate Statistics ③ Eco-Environmental Management System Design Technology for Big Data-based Environmental Information Interpretation 6. Method and system for predicting membrane cleaning time of biofilm reactor(Patent right practice, Patent registration number : 10-1269253) (2014.12.30) 7. Indoor air quality risk analysis system and method(Assignment of Patent Rights, Patent registration number : 10-1306434) AQK Co., Ltd. (2015.8.10) 8. Modeling and Information Analysis of Nanomaterial Behavior in Water Systems(2015.8.11) 9. Transfer of know-how to sewage treatment process modeling technology based on environment big data(2018.2.26)
1. 1999 ~ Till date: Member of Korea Institute of Chemical Engineering (KIChE) and Environmental Engineering Society 2. 2001 ~ Till date: Member of Korean Society for Bioinformatics (KSB) 3. 2004 ~ Till date: Member of Korea Environmental Engineering Society 4. 2004 ~ Till date: Member of International Water Association (IWA) 5. 2007 ~ Till date: Member of Control, Automation and Systems, Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) 6. 2017 ~ Till date:한국위험물학회, 학회임원, 이사, http://kihm.or.kr/
1) Brain Korea 21+ Environmental Information NEXUS industry-academic human resource development project, Team leader (2009.03 – 2020.08) 2) Graduate School of Climate Change Specialization(CC-ADAPT Program), Participation Professor (2018.10 – 2023.09) 3) Smart integrated environmental management system using big data and system optimization technique, Research Foundation Strategic Task: 2008 ~ 2021 4) Industrial project : TPP, "Environmental system modeling, control, monitoring and optimization", Research Director, 2017~2022 5) Industrial project : Samsung Advanced Institute Technology (SEC, Samsung Electronics Corp.), Biosystem treatment simulation, Research Director, 2019~2020 6) Industry course : Samsung Engineering, Development of artificial intelligence (AI) based MBR autonomous operation system, Research Director, 2018~2019 · Smart water factory design and smart integrated operation management, ~2021. · Integrated environment air quality management and smart integrated operation management based on artificial intelligence / big data, ~2021. · Development of environment / energy / chemical plant autonomous operation system based on artificial intelligence (AI-Deep reinforcement learning) - Environmental System Engineering : Environmental Systems Engineering: Environmental modeling, water/wastewater treatment control and optimization, indoor air quality control and management, MBR modeling and control with chemical cleaning control, E3(Environment/Energy/Ecology) Management Systems, Autonomous system for Environment/Energy/Chemistry using bigdata/aritificial intelligence -Environmental Plant Design / Operation / Optimization : Environment/Energy/Ecology Informatics (AI/Big data analytics): Statistical data analysis, Big data analysis-Application, Machine learning, Deep learing algorithm-CNN/RNN/DBN (Semiconductor chip/LCD panel, Environmental), Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), Fault detection and diagnosis, Contamination source data analysis, Artificial Intelligence based Smart O&M - Environmental Informatics : Big Data Analysis for Environment Energy/Ecology, Big Data Analysis, Machine learning (Water/Air/Ecology/Big Data), Big data analytics, Deep learing algorithm of environment/ecology/energy data, Supervisory control with Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and AI - Environmental safety : Health/Safety/Environment (HSE) : process safety management(PSM)/off-site chemicals risk assessment/risk management program(RMP)/chemical process safety, multimedia fate model (air, water, soil, groundwater), Computational toxicology, QSAR(Toxic Chemical Properties and Toxicology), BAT Technology Modeling and Impact Assessment / Integrated Environmental Management Act by Water / Atmosphere / Soil Medium -GHG emission modeling and energy systems approach for climate change adaption - Climate change (GHG model) and renewable energy system topics : Statistics and inventory calculation of green house gas(GHC), Development of optimal utility distribution and energy supply system, Development of energy reuse and energy optimization, GHG emission model, GHG reduction technologies and energy system modeling in wwtp -Process system : Process systems engineering (PSE): modeling, control, optimization, plant design -Process integration : Process integration and optimization: reuse network of heat, energy, water, waste with exergy/emergy optimization, eco-industrial park(EIP) - Micropollutants in multimedia environment: model and management: molecular modeling(cowork), modeling and management of micropollutants fate/transport/reaction/removal, multimedia modeling of engineered nano materials(ENM), integrated environment management of multimedia environment pollutants - Smart Water Factory : Water-Energy-Climate Change Nexus system: water desalination and power plant design with various renewable energy sources, energy systems modeling, ecological modeling - Energy system : Energy System Engineering: Design of RO with renewable energy sources, Desalination modeling, Power plant system optimization, mass, water and energy networking in the eco-industrial park, industrial ecology, material flow analysis, process integration of water, heat, energy, exchange network design the resource minimization, Hydrogen reuse network design using mixted integer linear programming and carbon/hydrogen pinch analysis -Geographic Information System : GIS applications : Ecological model with GIS, Ecoinformatics, biodiversity model with ArcGIS - Molecular Dynamic Simulation (MDS) - Artificial Intelligence and Big data for Environment/Energy/Ecology: Smart Water Factory, Smart O&M