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Hung-Shin Jeon Professor
  • Degree
  • Tohoku Univ. Japan, 1988
  • Major
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Interest
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Tel
  • +82 31 201 2596
  • Email
  • hsjeon@khu.ac.kr
Ph.D., Tohoku University(Japan), Department of Precision Engineering, 1988. 3 1983. Enrolled in the Ph. D. course, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Kyunghee University, 1983.3~1985.2 1981. M.S., Kyunghee University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1983.2 B.S., Kyunghee University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1981.2
1988. Professor, Kyunghee University, Korea, 1993~present 1989. Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), Korea, 1988.3~1993.2 1990. Visiting Fellow, The University of New South Wales, Australia, 1999.3~2000.2 1991. Visiting Professor, The Pennsylvania State University, America, 2008.9~2009.8
H.S. Jeon and K. S, Park, “Automotive Engineering”, Munundang, Korea, 1977.10 H.S. Jeon, H. G. Hong and K. S. Park, “Thermodynamic”, Munundang, Korea, 2001.8 H.S. Jeon and H.T. Kim,“Energy, Combustion, Environment”, Hanteemedia, Korea, 2006.12 (2007, Selected as Academic Library in MCST) H.S. Jeon and Y. Choi, “Automotive Mechanics”, Intervision, Korea, 2007. 12 H.S. Jeon, “Liquid Atomization”, Munundang, Korea, 2009.12 (2010, Selected as Academic Library in MCST) H.S. Jeon, “Internal Combustion Engines”, Soochunmyeongmedia, Korea, 2011.12 H.S. Jeon, “Engineering Thermodynamics” Soochunmyeongmedia, Korea, 2013.12 H.S. Jeon, “Internal Combustion Engines”, China Machine Press. 2015.10(China)
Technical expert member, Kyunggi province Appointment researcher, KRICT Technical expert member, KME Technical expert member, KEA Technical expert member, HRD Korea Technical expert member, Seoul City Technical expert member, Inchon City Technical expert member, KLHC
Temperature measurement of combustion gas by ultrasonic Liquid fuel combustion in supercritical conditions Development of non-dimensional parameter on the liquid atomisation