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 Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, 1991.8  M.S., Mechanical Design Engineering, Seoul University, Korea, 1986.2  B.S, Mechanical Design Engineering, Seoul University, Kore, 1984.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 1999 – 2001  Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2001 – 2005  Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2006 – present  Head of Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2012-2013  Development of Valve seat for Automotive using SUS base Carbon nanocomposite, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, 2015.12-present  A study on the graphene coating of molybdenum and its effect on the anti-corrosion behavior of molybdenum, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2016.06-present
 Vesna Mišković-Stanković, Ivana Jevremović, Inhwa Jung, Kyong Yop Rhee, 2014, Electrochemical study on corrosion behaviour of graphene coatings on copper and aluminium in chloride solution, Carbon, 75: 335-344  Surudžić, R., Janković, A., Bibić, N., Vukašinović-Sekulić, M., Perić-Grujić, A., Mišković-Stanković, V., Park, S.J., Rhee, K.Y., 2016, Physico-chemical and mechanical properties and antibacterial activity of silver/poly(vinyl alcohol)/graphene nanocomposites obtained by electrochemical method, Composites Part B: Engineering, 85: 102-112  Budabbus, M.M., Jevremović, I., Janković, A., Perić-Grujić, A., Matić, I., Vukašinović-Sekulić, M., Hui, D., Rhee, K.Y., Mišković-Stanković, V., 2016, Biological activity of electrochemically synthesized silver doped polyvinyl alcohol/graphene composite hydrogel discs for biomedical applications, Composites Part B: Engineering, 104: 26-34.  Zare, Y., Rhee, K.Y., 2017, The mechanical behavior of CNT reinforced nanocomposites assuming imperfect interfacial bonding between matrix and nanoparticles and percolation of interphase regions, Composites Science and Technology, 144: 18-25
 Editorial board, Composites Part: B, 2011 - present  Editor, ISRN Nanomaterials, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012 – present  Editor, Carbon Letters, Korean Carbon Society, 2011 – present
Mechanics of materials, nano composites, surface treatment, composites materials