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 Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, Korea, 2004.2  M.S., KAIST, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Korea, Korea, 1999.2  B.S, KAIST, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Korea, Korea, 1997.2
주요경력 및 활동
 Assistant & Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2007 - present  Director, Center for Convergence Education, Kyung Hee University, Korea, 2014 - present  Visiting Professor, University of Maryland at College Park, USA, 2013  Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 2005 - 2007
 M.S Kang, S.G Lee, H.G Lee, G.Y Heo, 2016, “Gap Study on Technical Standards and Quality Assurance between ITER and Korean Regulation.” Fusion Engineering and Design, 109-111: 1475-1479  S.J Park, J.K Park, G.Y Heo, 2016, “Transient Diagnosis and Prognosis for Secondary System in Nuclear Power Plants.” Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 48(5): 1184-1191  R. Khalil, K.H Jin, G.Y Heo “Risk-Informed Design of Hybrid I&C Architectures for Research Reactors.” IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 63(1): 351-358  K.M Oh, M.S Kang, G.Y Heo, H.C Kim, 2015, “Safety Studies on Korean fusion DEMO plant using integrated safety assessment methodology: Part 2.” Fusion Engineering and Design, 98-99: 2152-2156  H.M Kim, S.H Lee, J.S Park, H.D Kim, Y.S Chang, G.Y Heo, 2015, “Reliability Data Update Using Condition Monitoring and Prognostics in PSA.” Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 47(2): 204-211  H.M Kim, M.G Na, G.Y Heo, 2014, “Application of Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Prognosis in Thermal Performance Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants.” Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 46(6): 737-752  G.Y Heo, H.J Kim, H.C Kim, M. Kwon, I.J Hwang, S.H Chang, J.K Kim, 2014, “Fusion Licensing and Safety Studies in Korea.” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 42(3): 664~670  S.H An, G.Y Heo, and S.H Chang, 2011, “Detection of Process Anomalies using an Improved Statistics Learning Framework.” Expert Systems with Applications, 38(3): 1356-1363.  G.Y Heo et.al., 2010, The Method for Dynamic Detection and On-time Warning of Industrial Process, Korean Patent 10-0997009 / 6  G.Y Heo et.al., 2011, A System for Assessing the Effect of Human Related Events in Nuclear Power Plants and the Method Thereof, Korean Patent 10-1026159 / 7  G.Y Heo et.al., 2011, A System for Analyzing the Effect of Human-induced Events on Risk/Performance using Fault Trees and Turbine Cycle Simulation and the Method Thereof, Korean Patent 10
 Member of Korean Nuclear Society, 2004 – present  Member of Korean Nuclear Radioactive Waste Society, 2009 – present  Best Journal Paper Awards, Korean Nuclear Society, 2011  Best Conference Paper Awards, Korean Nuclear Society, 2014, 2016  Korean Nuclear Society Public Relations Secretary (2011.9~2013.8)  Korean Nuclear Society Head of Young Generation Network (2007.9~2010.8)
Analysis of performance and reliability for industrial plants on the basis of statistical and intelligent data processing, development of plant simulation codes and operator aid systems, probabilistic safety assessments for nuclear facilities.